Meet The Team

Jamie Brown - Media Director 

Full bio coming soon (it's a long story!)

Ben Burcham - Sales Director

Ben has spent the past 9 years in Franchising after initially studying Business Studies at University. This included a module focused around franchising that involved a hands on real business consultancy project with a coffee house located within Sheffield City Centre and resulted in the report advising the client to look at the possibility of franchising his business nationwide. This would be the start of Ben’s franchising adventure that then led to him joining up with a well-known leading franchise consultancy and media firm where he was based for over 6 years. During these 9 years Ben has absorbed valuable information from across the franchise industry that has put him and his business partner Jamie Brown in good stead to start the popular franchise recruitment site ‘Franchise Supermarket’ back in 2015. Ben specialises in franchise recruitment, with helping both franchisors and potential franchisees

John Brooks - Franchise SuperMatch

John successfully operated his own businesses from 1985 to 2004. Having seen the success achieved in the franchise sector by a friend, John took up a franchise with a leading national cleaning franchise and rose over a period of six years to become one of their highest achieving Franchise Owners. Such was his success with the company; he was invited to join them at a senior management level. John successfully sold his franchise and took up the position. John is a natural motivator of Franchise Owners and is a respected name within the industry. John has successfully been involved in the launching a number of franchisors getting to market over the past 5 years being instrumental in recruiting there franchise network and assisting in developing successful franchisees over the that period, assisting and supporting franchisees on each of the stages prior to investing within the franchise industry.