The Massage Company - Discovery Day Dates

Date LocationTime 
April 30th Camberley (Surrey)(11am – 3pm)
May 14th Camberley (Surrey)(11am – 3pm)
May 24th Camberley (Surrey)(11am – 3pm)
June 04th Camberley (Surrey)(11am – 3pm)
June 18th Camberley (Surrey)(11am – 3pm)
June 28th Camberley (Surrey)(11am – 3pm)
July 02nd Camberley (Surrey)(11am – 3pm)
July 12th Camberley (Surrey)(11am – 3pm)
July 16th Camberley (Surrey)(11am – 3pm)
August 06th Camberley (Surrey)(11am – 3pm)
August 30th Camberley (Surrey)(11am – 3pm)

You will meet with Elliot Walker, one of the Directors and have a tour of the centre and then you will go through the business so you can understand what we do and you can see whether you would like to own your own TMC Centre.

Charlie Thompson (Co-Founder & Operations Director) and Butt Miller accountants  will also be there to present on the day. You will also get to experience a customer journey with a complimentary massage.   This is a significant step in the process of you and The Massage Company getting to know each other, looking at the business more depth and seeing if you both believe you could successfully work together.

We look forward to meeting you and to show you more about this pioneering franchise opportunity..

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