We thought we'd share with you what some of our members have to say about Franchise Supermarket....

“We’re always on the lookout for quality leads. When Ben Burcham approached us 18 months ago about using a Franchise Supermarket listing (backed up with eshots) to bolster our current marketing efforts, I felt confident in saying yes - having prior experience of working with Ben. For a relatively new company the results have been very positive –at times better - when compared to some of the longer standing franchise listing websites we use. The team at Franchise Supermarket have always had a professional, yet flexible approach, which means we’ve been able to work easily together on ideas and on ways to continually improve our results, the number and quality of leads coming through. I’d certainly recommend other franchise brands to consider adding Franchise Supermarket to their marketing mix if not doing so already.”

"We have been marketing with Franchise Supermarket every month over the past year & had great results in terms of number & quality of lead. Their consistency has supported the success & growth of our business & brand awareness. We look forward to continuing our relationship."

“Out There has only been using Franchise Supermarket for a short time but they have already provided us with a large number of quality leads that has resulted in good attendance on our Discovery Days! They have quickly become an important part of our franchise marketing and we plan to increase our spend with them going forward. We really like the pay per enquiry method as others have only generated minimal enquiries for a large outlay. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending any franchise business to use them! Friendly service too :)”