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The Gift Industry is about to get a big shake-up. And you can be part of it This Industry is only £40-plus billion. It’s well established. But many businesses are still using vouchers which are messy and time-consuming, or expensive gift cards.

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The Gift Industry in the UK is worth about £40-plus billion. It’s well established, but is due for a big shake-up. And you can be part of it. 

Why? You see, many of these businesses are still using outdated systems. Gift vouchers are messy and time-consuming, and gift cards are expensive with lots of transaction fees. 


Nudigift is a complete gift management app for business. We address all the pain points that business owners face. 

 Our 3-step system gives small business owners all the advantages of a full system, but at a fraction of the cost. What the big chains know is 72% of gift customers spend more than the gift value. How much more? 38% more. Also gift customers are focused on customer experience, and not on discounts.  

Before, only ‘the big guys’ could afford to run a gift program like this - and they cleaned up. Not any more. Now it’s time for the little guys to get theirs. 

This is the sort of boost that businesses need. And you’re going to give it to them. 


This is a limited opportunity. There will only every be this offering. Once filled, it’s gone, forever. 

We want a small group (up to 8) of highly proactive go-getters who see the big picture and are prepared to grunt it out until it’s done. Small means lean, and mean. Your job is to put together a merchant network.  

Our system is sold as a yearly subscription for only £10 per month. CHEAP! That’s 2-plus cappuccinos a month. There are no hidden or extra fees. And they get a complete system that automates and manages their entire gift program. 

Chains and groups can be linked together so customers can buy and redeem gifts at any location. 

Key target markets are: Restaurants, Accommodation, Travel, Health and Beauty, Spa & salons, Jewellery, Fashion, Homewares, Gaming and digital, Cinemas.  


You’ll get ongoing marketing support - public relations for branding, influencer campaigns and social media to create customer engagement. If you need the CEO to attend key meetings with you, just ask. 


Our licensing model has no territories. It’s pure free enterprise - if you can land a whale, then go for it. 

You get 50% of all subscriptions each year. When they renew, you get the 50%. 

There is also a career path for you if you want it. 


 You start as a Licensee, work your contacts. In year one, you will be expected to sign 1000 businesses. With 290,000 retails businesses and 83,000 restaurants, you will have no trouble meeting the target. 


By year two, the top performers will be invited to travel overseas and kick-off operations as we open new countries. You will get a share of profits generated there. If you’ve ever wanted to travel and make money, here’s your chance. 


By year three, based on performance, you will be offered stock in the worldwide operations, before we sell Nudigift to a tech company (or similar) and cash-out, expected around year 5. Do you want this? Then go for it. No one’s holding you back. We are an ethical company. We succeed by our efforts and by caring about our customers and business members. We will not exploit or deceive people to get succeed.

Do you want this? Then go for it. No one’s holding you back.

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