Local Franchise Opportunities in Hull

Why should I launch my franchise within the Franchise Territory of Hull?

When trying to identify which location is best suited to launch your franchise within, you won’t find many better territories than Hull. This wonderful prospective franchise territory is on the up and has become an even more attractive proposition over recent years, namely down to the fact that it was named the UK’s City of Culture for 2017, beating off stiff competition from Leicester, Swansea and Dundee. A new location is chosen every 4 years by the government with the aim of trying to increase tourism and the economy within that territory.

Don’t worry if you feel you’ve missed out on the 2017 hype, on top of the boosted £60m into the economy for that year, the council expect a longer-term legacy for the franchise territory of Hull. One of the reasons Hull was nominated for this prestigious award was down to the fact that it demonstrated solid evidence of community and creative engagement, and there were links to the private sector. The focus Hull placed on a ‘legacy’, including its commitment to enhancing funding within the area beyond 2017! What a time to choose Hull as your potential franchise territory.

Moving on from the award, Hull is renowned for its port and the Humberside area is recognised as being one of the busiest ports within Europe! Which presents excellent opportunities for any franchisees looking to launch in this franchise territory that will require to export. Hull offers an attractive low-cost living proposition for would be franchisees.

Local Franchise Opportunities in Hull

As if the legacy and funding followed on from being named the UK’s City of Culture wasn’t enough, the franchise territories’ enterprise zones will also receive a significant boost as well. This significant boost will result in expansion into additional employment land and to add additional spend towards improvements within the quality and availability of office and industrial space within the franchise territory of Hull.

Transport Links within the franchise territory of Hull

Hull is the ideal franchise territory location to launch your franchise within, mainly down to the ‘good’ transport links. As previously mentioned, if you’re seeking to export internationally, the ferry service can link you directly with destinations such as Holland & Belgium.

Within just 2 hours 30 mins you could be in the capital (London), so doing business with your franchise in London can be easily accessible. As a franchise territory, the City of Hull also benefits from hosting two airports, Robin Hood and the Humberside Airports, both of which are within a 60 minutes’ drive to Hull.

The M62 motorway also presents an opportunity to gain access to the North and the major cities are located within.

Access to Franchise Support within Hull

One added benefit tor those seeking to launch their franchise within the franchise territory of Hull is the targeted accelerator programme for tech businesses. The Centre for Digital Innovation provides support to launches and looks to create partnerships for you.

Access to Funding to support my franchise launch in Hull

One pure grant scheme available to both franchises and businesses that have launched within the franchise territory of Hull is that of The Regional Growth Fund, that has £65 million allotted to supporting businesses and franchises within the Humberside franchise territory.

This is on top of other financing options such as Transmit Funding that provide up to £25,000 unsecured at just 6% to help support the launch of your franchise opportunity.