What Kaspa's franchisees have to say

Kaspa's Desserts is one of the UK's most exciting new restaurants, offering an amazing experience to all that enter. But what do their franchisees think of their Kaspa's franchise opportunity?

“I think Customers come back to Kaspa's due to the combination of staff, service, great desserts and the vibrant happy atmosphere”

“When I first visited Kaspa's as a customer, it was amazing it was like being in an American Diner! Without a doubt, Kaspa's make the best waffles in the country! The immediate reaction is WOW"

“The market has really increased and it’s a new incoming thing”

Deepak Patel & Mark Adams Kaspa's Franchisees


“If you look at the current trends, dessert parlours are actually no. 1”

Dillan Gamanlal Kaspa's Franchisee


“We opened our doors in September, we were full up with queues, day in and day out. Customers that we get here are so diverse and ranges from couples coming in for a date, family outings with grandparents, lunch times sees all of the mothers, after school the kids come in and the evening time the family come in.”

Clive Priestley – Kaspa's Franchisee

“The brilliance of Kaspa's is that they partner with you, they’re never about just opening another branch, it’s opening something that’s going to be successful, and Kaspa's will always guide you in that direction”

“Kaspa's is a friendly company that know what they’re doing, I could see from looking at the franchises that they offer the support and experience that I was looking for”

“Kaspa's is a new concept, and it’s working really well with the younger generation, for franchises to come in, it’s a very good long term investment, all of the good ones will have a certain profitability level, Kaspa's is in that top end and you can clearly see that the foundations are very strong and it’s a long term business”

“The Franchise team help you find the location, negotiate the property price, they have an architect team that will help you in terms of the design and layout to help you open your own Kaspa's franchise store. I’m opening my 10th branch now and it started off as a family business, from the beginning, we’ve stayed with Kaspa's and have expanded in the franchise itself, they completely took us under their wing. When you go to the stores and you see the trainers are training the staff to be the best that they can be, you know you’re not going in it alone”

Imran Kalam – Kaspa's Franchisee

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