Jet Broker

Make 6-figures in income from just ONE deal. Super-luxury and affluent target market - HNWI and UHNWI. Only a few hours each week - operate anywhere in the World.

Minimum Investment: £35,000.00

Be a Private Jet Broker and Collect £50,000 or More - from Just ONE Deal

A private jet sells for £1 million to £10 million or more…

When a broker secures a deal for a Gulfstream, Citation, Falcon or Learjet - with a millionaire client - he or she will receive a 3% fee or commission.

Hence, a £5 million transaction will trigger a fee of £150,000

Just ONE deal.

And a few days’ effort…

The good news is that you do not require any experience of this highly-lucrative industry. Nor do you require any product knowledge of luxury private jets.

Even better, you do not require…

any wealthy or affluent contacts

any sales or marketing skills

or any product or technical skills

The secret is to be an INTRODUCER - and to refer potential buyers or clients to an experienced private jet broker. This specialist often has decades of knowledge and expertise, and will professionally follow up (each referral) - and will happily pay you a 5-figure fee from each sale concluded.

Do You Know How Many Multi-Millionaires There Are?

The number of HNWI and UHNWI - high net worth individuals - continues to increase. One company, Wealth-X, manages profiles of over 220,000 UHNWI - each with a net worth of $30 million or more.

Our unique and powerful Jet Broker program - limited to just eight entrepreneurs each year - is a done-with-you process, focusing on:

  1. How to connect and engage with more multi-millionaires, HNWI and UHNWI
  2. How to build a high-quality dialogue and relationship - as a trusted advisor
  3. How to introduce or refer potential new buyers - or clients -to specialist brokers, and to secure a large fee from each deal or sale.
"When your hang around rich people, good things hapen."
Dana Pena

In reality, whenever you build a quality dialogue with wealthy individuals, more opportunities often appear, along with more scope to be involved in part of a larger deal - which generate bigger fees.

For example, purchase of a luxury yacht, or a large mansion, even the possible sale of an 8-figure company…

…So Do You Really Want Busy-ness?

Most businesses, franchises and opportunities offer products or services with low profit margins - meaning that you need to generate a lot of orders - to make any real money or income. This takes a lot of time and effort - often just being busy...

And after all costs, many business owners make a similar income to the minimum wage.

Jet Broker is very different. Just one deal done - in a year - will likely deliver a full-time income to you.

And if you are more ambitious, then you can comfortably secure 2, 3 or 4 deals each year - just operating on a part-time basis.

The tools of your trade: a Smartphone + access to the internet

That’s it…

You can operate from any location in the world. No office, no staff, no stock, and almost no overheads. No need for a website, and no need to advertise.

This really is the perfect business for any entrepreneur who wants both a fabulous income, along with a great lifestyle. The World truly is your oyster…

Now, due to the large number of applications received, we have the luxury of selecting only a handful of ambitious entrepreneurs - to work closely with this year.

Hence, when you complete the enquiry form, let us know why you feel suited to this unique and highly-profitable opportunity.

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