Fitness Franchises

People within the UK want to look good, it's a well known fact and this has presented a lucrative opportunity for fitness franchises. Gym memberships are rising year on year as people try to maintain their fitness, so there's no surprise that Gym Franchises have also seen a rise year on year too. In fact, a large majority of the gyms within the UK are actually franchised gyms that offer fitness classes too. There is a huge emphasis on people trying to look good, which is fantastic news for potential fitness franchisees. There are a number of fitness and health franchises available - Yoga franchises, children fitness franchises, gym franchises, diet franchises, fitness franchises, personal trainer franchises, health spa franchises, weight franchises.


S4K is an innovative sports services business. Its unique business model is based on rigorous research and development, and addresses the unmet demands of modern parents, children, schools and nurseries for high quality sports services.

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Minimum Investment: £100,000.00


Looking for a more rewarding career? Kiddleydivey allows you to turn your love of music into a career you can be passionate about.

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Minimum Investment: £5,997.00

Pipsqueaks Performing Arts

A truly scalable franchise business opportunity, we will provide initial support to help with organic growth and work with you to secure work with schools, nurseries and other educational establishments.

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Minimum Investment: £8,000.00