Franchisee Case Study Experience from the Newcastle Franchise Territory

My SuperGlass Experience 

Having mostly had a desk-bound job, it was a bit of a culture shock to find myself perched aloft a ladder fixing a large bullseye chip bang in the middle of a haulage truck windscreen. 

It was a career change my partner and I hadn’t taken lightly, but I do admit that as my five feet, one inch frame climbed to the appropriate rung I felt rather nervous as I pointed the drill bit at the screen and set about repairing the glass. 

It’s not until you are in a real-life situation - a busy haulage yard, dealership forecourt or someone’s driveway - that reality dawns and you start to hear the voice of Phil Wells in your head as you work your way through the franchise training process from step one of how to complete a repair. 

All of those franchise training sessions in Phil’s franchise training room at the bottom of his garden where he talked you through every stage, to the ‘repairs’ he let you carry out under his watchful eye and allowed you to make every mistake you possibly could, knowing (or at least hoping) that you would learn from them, certainly do pay off.
Learn from them we did – although he’s always at the end of the telephone line in case we ever come across a situation that isn’t straightforward. You see every job is different. 

I’m lucky in that my partner Ian and I are working our SuperGlass franchise together so we always have someone there to support us – but Phil and Chris Vagg, who organised our City Set Up, are always there providing first-rate franchise advice, franchise support and tips by the bucket load, so no-one should ever feel alone. 

Yes, we have days where things don’t go so well, a repair doesn’t clear up as well as we’d like or we can’t reach the decision makers when marketing ourselves to potential clients because we can’t get beyond Rottweiler receptionists, but business is growing and our franchise name is building a reputation. We get a lot or repeat trade and work from customers who recommend us – so we know we’re doing a good job. 

For a former chief sub-editor with more than 25 years in journalism and Ian’s many years as a chartered engineer and operations manager in the oil and gas industry we are enjoying working together and bringing our transferable skills and experience to good use within our van based franchise. 

It’s not all plain sailing and we still have our first winter to contend with but we’re looking to the future with confidence knowing that with Phil and Chris and franchise support from other franchisees within the SuperGlass franchise network we’ll be facing the future together and with confidence.

Noreen Coltman
SuperGlass Newcastle 

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