Elite Franchise Magazine

Elite Franchise August 2018

The majority of entrepreneurs will say their journey to the top wasn't without difficulties. And there’s no shame in facing challenges – as long as you learn from them.
Once shy and introverted, Almas Adam graduated university and worked in China for a spell. There he was taught age is just a number, which prompted him to return to the UK and enter the care industry as a franchisee when he was only 24.

Elsewhere, Selekt Chicken’s founder Tahir Jamil had already tasted success as a Chicken Cottage co-founder. He discovered things weren’t going to be as simple the second time around and found patience, resilience and determination were needed to progress with his follow-up franchise.

The heatwave has also been something to educate us over the past couple of months, namely how to weatherproof franchise operations so they don’t come to a halt in extreme heat – or indeed snowstorms like the ones experienced at the start of the year.

Finally, Tutor Doctor president Frank Milner, our cover star, documents to us a truly tragic life lesson that made him the man he is today. 

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