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Elite Franchise April 2018

Easter signals a time for new beginnings, so it’s only fitting that our Elite Franchise cover star Sarah Kelly has had plenty of fresh starts. She’s embarked on royal endeavours by managing

Burger King’s growth outside the US, worked magic alongside the Harry Potter brand and can now be found setting the scene at Stagecoach, the performing arts franchise, where she’s helping youngsters realise their dreams. 

 Of course, what’s Easter without chocolate eggs? With sugary goodness in mind, we’ve discovered how Mr Simms Old English Sweet Shoppe took a very British proposition beyond UK borders and why Yousif Aslam decided the time was right to move on from being a fried-chicken franchisee to franchisor with Heavenly Desserts. 

 If you’ve got room to continue tucking in, fill yourself up on the cautionary tale of managing a supply-chain well to avoid disaster and guzzle inspiration from Lingotot franchisee Abigail Curtis who faced her tears and fears, which resulted in a remarkable outcome she never expected.  

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